Five for $5 Indie Bundle launches

Continuing a trend that we can all get behind--that is, bundling great indie games and selling them for a ridiculous discount--developer Lunar Workshop has partnered with some other indies to provide a "5 for $5" bundle. The bundle is DRM-free, and all of the proceeds go directly to the developers.

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The announcement trailer above shows bits of the five bundled games. Delve Deeper (Lunar Giant Studios) is a Dwarf-laden, turn-based, competitive, treasure-hunting strategy game. The turn-based strategic gameplay continues with Digitanks (Lunar Workshop), a wargame in which players compete for resources while trying to blow each other up.

Bullet hell shooter fans will likely enjoy Mactabilis (Blazing Bit Games), which features two-player co-op and deathmatch and some light RPG elements. For action that's a bit more puzzling, Spring Up Harmony (Frozax Games) offers a sort of Peggle/Breakout hybrid, and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (Kot-in-Action Creative Artel) is a slick-looking top-down shooter with a bonus unlockable "First-Person camera mode."

Unless you're someone who's allergic to great deals--in this case, $40 worth of games for $5--I highly recommend giving the "5 for $5" bundle a chance. To give you a better idea of what each included title has to offer, check out the trailers for each, below.

If the bundle tickles your fancy, you can grab it from the Lunar Workshop Store through July 3.

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Delve Deeper (by Lunar Giant Studios)

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Digitanks (by Lunar Workshop)

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Mactabilis (by Blazing Bit Games)

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Spring Up Harmony (by Frozax Games)

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Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (by Kot-in-Action Creative Artel)

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