Square Enix investigating Wii U support [update]

With the Wii U formally announced, high-profile software support for the original Wii is finally waning. Once the new Zelda game releases, will it make sense for third parties to release new software on the platform? That was a question recently raised to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada regarding Dragon Quest X.

While the Dragon Quest franchise has never reached the same level of success in America as it has in Japan, it's undeniably an important property. Dragon Quest X was originally announced for Wii, and still remains on track for the Wii, Wada says. But, it appears that Square Enix is also investigating "how to support Wii U."

The Wii U is backwards compatible with original Wii software, so a game launch after Wii U's release will still work on Nintendo's new hardware. However, perhaps Square Enix should consider a strategy that Nintendo employed with one of its previous late-generation games? The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess appeared on both Gamecube and Wii, with minor enhancements (widescreen support, motion controls) tacked onto the latter.

[Update: Square Enix recently clarified its position on Wii U. The company is doing "technical tests" for Wii U titles, but isn't suggesting Dragon Quest X will necessarily be on Wii U.]