MotorStorm Apocalypse gets free 'After Party' DLC today

Owners of MotorStorm Apocalypse will be greeted with a new title update today. Whereas other patches add bug fixes, the so-called "After Party" pack adds brand new content into the game.

Included in today's update is a new track: "The Rock," an abandoned prison island that only features coincidental similarities to the Sean Connery vehicle. "Multiple routes have been carved into the island’s varied terrain, so expect off-road racing action reminiscent of the legendary island in the Pacific Rift." The track can be played in both day and night modes.

In addition to the free track, Evolution is promising additional free Special Events Packs. These will be downloadable from the PlayStation Store over the coming weeks and will add new single-player races to the game. The first pack (Stone: Jack of Clubs) is included with today's update.

Considering how many games are nickle-and-dimeing customers on post-release content, it's great to see Evolution Studios and Sony offer so much free add-on content to their game. In fact, After Party is apparently not the end. The team is currently working on another update, which will include the Game Mode Editor, steering wheel support, and "several other surprises.

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