LulzSec suspect arrested in UK

An arrest has been made in connection with the recent string of LulzSec hacks, Develop reports. A 19 year-old Essex man has been charged in connection with the DDOS attack on the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) site, for which LulzSec claimed responsibility.

Scotland Yard also believes the suspect may be connected to the PlayStation Network breach. A search of the suspect's address has reportedly turned up "a significant amount of material," and they are searching for "any Sony data" among it.

The hacker group Anonymous has been suspected of being involved in the PSN breach, especially after being directly implicated by Sony in a letter to Congress. In Spain, three arrests were made to Anon members, but the group has officially denied involvement.

LulzSec itself has been involved in a string of recent hacks, though it did offer its services to catch the culprits of the Sega hack. Despite the arrest, the LulzSec Twitter account is still going, and promising more hacks to come.