Black Ops 'Annihilation' DLC trailer

Will the deluge of E3 2011-based previews and information last week, you might have missed the quick rumor-turned-truth that is the third downloadable map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The "Annihilation" map pack is set to launch on June 28 for the Xbox 360. A PC and PS3 date has yet to be set; however, if the third DLC pack for Black Ops follows the same trends as the two packs before it, the content will be available for all within a month.

If you're one of those "need to see it before I buy it type" then--first, smart move--here's a trailer that outlines what is included in this upcoming add-on.

The pack includes four competitive mutliplayer maps: Hagar 18, based on Area 51; Silo, based on an underground Russian nuclear missile silo site; Drive-In, emulates the small kill area of Nuke Town; and Hazard, a map inspired by a World at War map that focuses on long-range engagements. The pack also includes a zombie map named Shangri-La, which is a very tight map that includes a number of interactive elements.

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