West and Zampella suit going to trial

Former Infinity Ward members Jason Ward and Vince Zampella have been given permission to go forward with their lawsuit against Activision. Hollywood Reporter gives word that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge approved a trial detailing the controversy surrounding the release of Modern Warfare 2. This doesn't mean a ruling in their favor, however; merely that the case has enough merit to go to court. The trial is likely to begin later this year or early next year.

This is just the latest bit of drama surrounding the case. Activision filed a counter-suit against West and Zampella, then added EA to the suit to the tune of $400 million, alleging that the company was complicit. This claim was later supported by incriminating e-mails, which EA spokespersons shrugged off as a joke. More recently, West and Zampella added fraud charges for assurances of creative control and job security.

Shacknews has contacted West and Zampella's attorney on the case for official comment, and we will report back with any response.