What are you playing: Formula Spies Like Us

After a week of playing and writing about the digital age of gaming, it's nice to revisit the analog world and play some board games. For the first time since I was a teenager, I sat down and played some board games. Last night I ventured out to Jeff Cannata's place to partake in a few hours of old school gaming bliss.

It was great to sit back and play games like The Resistance and Formula D (shown above) with a slew of people. On the track we had Jeff from Weekend Confirmed and Totally Rad Show, TRS producer Mike, and co-hosts Alex and Dan along with their friend Mark, and Peter from /Film. It was an epic evening of hunting for spies and racing through Monaco.

What are you up to this weekend, Shackers?

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  • Garnett Lee: I’ll be spending the weekend fighting all manner of evil in the name of reviews starting with Shadows of the Damned and then venturing forth into Dungeon Siege III.

  • Xav de Matos: I have to finish recording the voice over for a book, but I'm going to sneak in some time with Child of Eden and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for review.

  • Andrew Yoon: I'll be returning to madness, working on a review of the new Alice game.

  • Alice O'Connor: I'm off to see the 566-minute Holocaust documentary Shoah on Saturday.

  • Jeff Mattas: I’m gonna ‘lectrocute some bad guys in Infamous 2, and probably get into a few rounds of some online co-op with my dad for Father’s Day—in the form of some Left 4 Dead 2 or Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

  • Steve Watts: I know I keep claiming I'm going to finish up LA Noire, but this is the weekend I finally do it! Probably. Maybe. Okay, almost definitely not. But Infamous 2 and Child of Eden are distracting.

  • Ozzie Mejia: This weekend's all about Fathers Day and celebrating my nephew turning eight, as he gets another year closer to beating me at Marvel vs. Capcom 3.v