Cell debut trailer released


Back in September of 2010, former Deus Ex lead writer Sheldon Pacotti's indie studio--New Life Interactive--announced that it was working on a game called Cell. Now, nine months later, Cell's debut trailer has been released.

Cell promises "a gameworld simulated down to the individual voxel, wherein various biological substances vie for dominance." The trailer's brief, esoteric narrative is also strangely compelling.

During the course of Cell, you will "learn why your meager life as unit KRV-2134-C is of such interest to the human beings above," destroy germs and growths, and choose between direct attacks or construction options. The game's music also syncs up with the evolving action. Sign me up!

BOOM video 9516

The New Life Interactive website doesn't give Cell an official release date yet, but does note that it's "nearly ready for release" for PC and Xbox Live Indie Games.