E3 2011 video tour recap

It has been one week since E3 2011 invaded our lives and filled your Shacknews RSS feed with a slew of previews, interviews, news, and more. Things moved so quickly that you might have missed some of the fun stuff, like a view from the show floor.

The Team Shack video team, led by Weekend Confirmed producer Del Rio and camera craftsman Ryan, stormed the show with cameras in hand to give those unable to visit the industry's biggest event a look at what they missed. First up, here's the latest video from our video team: The Shacknews E3 Experience.

BOOM video 9517

Here's a recap of what you might have missed, check out the videos from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony below.

For more E3 2011, check out the Weekend Confirmed Facebook E3 2011 photo gallery.

BOOM video 9370

BOOM video 9371

BOOM video 9447

BOOM video 9413

BOOM video 9449