Weekend Confirmed Episode 65

By Garnett Lee, Jun 17, 2011 11:00am PDT

The dust has settled on E3 2011 and we sweep up with a full slate of games we saw on this week's show. But before getting to that, Xav, Jeff, Garnett, and our good friend Andrea Rene of Clevver TV tackle Duke Nukem Forever. From there it's on to Forza 4, F1, Hitman, Torchlight 2, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Ace Combat, and many more. Duke resurfaces in the news when the group discusses the fervor over the reviews and PR responses. There's the rest of the videogame news as well and we wrap it all up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 65: 06/17/2011

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  • The thing about the Duke Nukem reviews that bothered me is how many focused on the inherent poor taste over flawed game design. Who in their right mind would play that game expecting good taste? It seems like those people focusing on that element of Duke went into their experiences looking to criticize the experience for being crass. Who buys a game looking for a poor experience? It seems like a dishonest way to review a game.

    Also, Xav made a noble attempt at defending reviewers, but the problem is that there HAVE been issues with dishonesty in reviews before. I used to never question games journalism, but since Dan Shoe first spoke on dishonesty in games journalism in the editor's letter in EGM years ago, I have seen more and more instances of dishonest, misguided, and just plain questionable actions by members of the media and the sites they work for. IGN's old, Guitar Hero sponsored "music games" section which magically acted like Guitar Hero was the only music game on the market is the first thing that jumps into my mind. Also, anyone who knows who Dave Halverson is knows there is a shady side to publishing... From all angles.

    I think this makes thing hardest for the smaller sites and anyone new to writing. Until you get a following and people know who you are, you are destined to get some crap from people that don't know your likes/dislikes. I actually think this might be a good thing in the end, because it pushes people to take things more seriously than they would otherwise, and let's be real. Despite all Jeff's "I'm not a journalist" pontificating, we all know that he works his ass off to make what he produces as good as it is. On the other side, fans need to take more responsibility for their actions based off what they read. People need to quit going to Metacritic and writing hate mail to people that write bad reviews for games. Especially if they have not PLAYED the games they are defending before writing said hate mail!

    Most of the Duke reviews just came off as lazy piling on to an easy target to me, although a few were great. Still negative, but great.