3DS firmware update fixes Ridge Racer, adds auto-updates

The Nintendo 3DS had a firmware update on June 6 that added the long-awaited eShop, but it had the unfortunate (and bizarre) side-effect of adding a screen freezing bug to Ridge Racer 3D. A new firmware update went live in the wee hours last night, which apparently squashes that bug, and adds a few new features.

Among other improvements, Nintendo lists "overall system stability" tweaks. It also claims we can get automatic firmware updates through a wireless connection, which will download without installing. Once the download is finished, a dialogue from the Home menu will let you install the new firmware. This was promised before the system launch, mostly as a step to combat piracy.

Oddly, the June 6 update also mentioned automatic updates. We've asked Nintendo to clarify the difference between the auto-update features in both sets of firmware.