Nintendo downloads: Donkey Kong GB, Mega Man 5

Nintendo has swapped Mondays for Thursdays in bringing new downloadable offerings, now that the eShop is available for the 3DS. This week brings the Game Boy Donkey Kong to the 3DS Virtual Console; this game bears little resemblance to the classic arcade title, and is more of a precursor to the current Mario vs Donkey Kong puzzle series. It will cost you $3.99.

Other available games as DSiWare (3DS or DSi) include the historical-themed puzzle game Gold Fever ($4.99), camera-based game Hidden Photo ($4.99), Beach Party Craze ($7.99), and Zimo: Mahjong Fanatic ($1.99).

If WiiWare is more of your flavor, you can grab a free demo for Bit.Trip Flux, or the deceptively-titled action racer Snail Mail for $6. Virtual Console offers Mega Man 5 for $5, in which the titular hero tries to unlock the mystery of Protoman going berserk. Spoiler: Dr. Wily is behind it.