Xbox Live Indie Games Uprising returns this summer

Another "Uprising" is about to begin. Xbox Live Indie Game developers are being called, once again, to submit games to the now-annual community showcase. Last year's Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising is being called a "commercial and critical success," and Uprising organizers are hoping for a repeat performance. "Just as the previous uprising had successfully done, we are raising consumer awareness and displaying some of the best and most diverse titles which the service has to offer to developers and consumers alike," the website declares.

Last year's catalog of games included fourteen titles, including Cthulu Saves the World, Epic Dungeon, and ZP2KX: Zombies and Pterodactyls. This year's Summer Uprising plans to have a slightly smaller offering, with eight games released over four weeks: August 22nd - September 12th. The tiered release is likely a response to a hiccup in last year's promotion: some games couldn't make it through Xbox Live submission in time for the event. A longer release window should help rectify that problem.

There are already over 40 submissions for the event, but there's still time for developers to get consideration. The "absolute last day" to enter is June 27th.

(via Joystiq)