Proun to be 'pay what you want'

Gorgeous abstract indie racer Proun will launch on June 24 at a price very difficult to disagree with, developer Joost van Dongen has announced. It'll launch under the fan favorite 'pay what you want' model, letting your conscience pick the price.

Set in wonderous abstract worlds, Proun is an on-rails racer about rotating around to dodge obstacles and build speed, competing against other players in splitscreen, online leaderboards, or your own ghosts. It'll launch with modding tools, letting player create their own tracks.

While Joost van Dongen is a co-founder of Ronimo Games (original creator of de Blob and developer of Swords & Soldiers), this is a solo project. He's promising to share Proun's sales data on his blog after the first month, saying "I guess some of you may be just as curious as I am to see how this works out!"

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