L.A. Noire DLC bundle discount extended

The discount on L.A. Noire's downloadable content bundle, the Rockstar Pass, has been extended by a week, publisher Rockstar has announced.


The bundle includes four new cases for Phelps to investigate, which cost $4 apiece separately, along with two new suits ($1 each), and a new challenge ($2). Two of the cases have still yet to be released, with the 'Nicholson Electroplating Disaster' case due on June 21 and 'Reefer Madness' coming July 12.

With its current discount, the Pass costs you $10 (800 Microsoft Points) for the lot. The price was originally due to be raised to its standard price of $12 (960 MSP) yesterday, but that'll now happen on June 21. You have an extra week to save $2, which you could use to buy a loaf of bread or two, a pint of lager, a few MP3s, or perhaps two hundred gumballs. See, video games do care.

Released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 17, L.A. Noire was the best-selling retail game last month, according to NPD data. Check out our review to see why so many people took a shine to Team Bondi's dick 'em up.