Report: Wii U uses last-gen Radeon GPU

Nintendo has been more than a little cagey about the power of the newly-announced Wii U console, only implying that it's comparable to current generation competition like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. But a set of reports are coming out that, if true, shed some light on what's under the hood.

Game Watch (via Engadget) reports that the console uses a Radeon GPU similar to the R770 that was in AMD's last-gen cards. Engadget claims that this gives it a slight graphical edge over the PS3 and 360, which are similar to the NVIDIA G70 and R520, respectively. The Wii U also reportedly supports Direct X 10.1, and multi-display for up to four SD video streams.

Meanwhile, Develop reports that Crytek is working to bring CryEngine software to the platform. CEO Cevat Yerli says the tech is almost fully running on the system, but isn't ready to show yet.

Shacknews has contacted Nintendo and will update as more information becomes available.