Wizardry Online announced

Japanese MMO publisher Gamepot announced Wizardry Online today, a MMO based on the classic RPG series. It's currently being tested, and a private beta is planned for sometime this month. It will launch in the summer in Japan, and follow in 2012 in North America. It's being developed by Headlock, Inc, a developer probably best-known in the west for Radiant Historia.

The announcement sounds like the update features what you'd expect from an MMO revamp: PvP combat, winding dungeons, and homages to the series roots. It also promises permanent death, for those seeking a challenge. We call these "crazy people."

"Wizardry Online hearkens back to the original allure of the groundbreaking Wizardry RPG series, but brings an updated flare for modern gamers," said Gamepot president Shuhei Ueda in the announcement. "Now, for the first time ever, players around the world can step into the impressive action and captivating lore of this world in a free-to-play, online format. We're confident the return to hardcore role-playing elements will be a shot in the arm for gamers looking for a new challenge in the genre."

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