Weekend Confirmed E3 2011 Special

By Garnett Lee, Jun 10, 2011 3:15pm PDT

It's finally here, the big E3 show. This year saw more great games than ever at E3, and Weekend Confirmed rose to the occasion with an equally massive lineup of guests to bring you the best analysis of E3. Joining Jeff and Garnett are John Davison, Luke Smith, Shane Bettenhausen, Mark MacDonald, and Andrew Pfister. They breakdown the entire week from the opening press conferences to their favorite games after the closing bell sounded. In between every big game and then some gets to the table including Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Starhawk, Prey 2, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and so much more.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 64: 06/10/2011

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  • Whatcha' Been Playin E3 2011 Part 2: Start: 00:30:42 End: 01:01:38

  • Whatcha' Been Playin E3 2011 Part 3: Start: 01:02:43 End: 01:34:31

  • Whatcha' Been Playin E3 2011 Part 4: Start: 01:35:42 End: 02:09:14

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  • I just wanted to add that I agree its sad to hear Garnett Lee didn't like what he saw in Tomb Raider but it brings me to my point about the discussion of Bioshock Infinite demo vs Batman demo. I totally understand what Luke and the others were talking about when he said in Batman he knew what the game was about but in Bioshock Infinite he wasnt sure about the moment to moment gameplay. I just think its a bit unfair to judge BI on its lack of clarity when the game isnt set to come out for another year +. Meanwhile Batman is coming out this year so I would assume just based off that the games would play very different from each other.

  • I agree with the "E3 has devolved into mega-AAA or quirky indie first-party tie-ins" opinion from John Davison. I saw Jim Sterling chime in with a funny mash-up video from the Ubisoft event: http://www.destructoid.com/are-publishers-doing-e3-badly-on-purpose--203746.phtml

    I've got a hypothesis. Ever since the famous Sony press conference of 2006, we've been seeing a number of meme-generating presentations. 2008 had Cammie Dunaway and the embarrassing Wii Music demonstration. Last year, Konami turned heads with an Engrish-heavy presser that included the now-famous phrases "One Mirrion Troops" and "Very Very Exercise."

    This year, it took only minutes before Mr. Caffeine exploded all over Twitter and remixes began to hit Youtube. Just watch the video above, which manages to "accidentally" promote Ghost Recon even though we're supposed to be laughing at how bad the presenter is.

    Don't forget the E3 2009 Milo demo. I feel like E3 has become a farce, and more publishers are going for reveals at private events (Bioshock Infinite getting unveiled in mid-August 2010 somewhere in New York City, for example), or PAX / PAX East, Gamescom, GDC, or (ugh) the VGA awards (I say ugh because that's fast becoming a mini-E3).

  • I truly think that, at least from the opinion of someone who does not go to E3 but watches it from home on Spike, G4, and various sites on the internet, that the coverage from this years E3 sucked. Everyone covered the same exact things and it seemed like few of the sites went out of their way to look for more interesting things.

    Look, I am sure Modern Warfare 3 nets major hits and that covering the smaller games doesn't get the same attention, but I am so freaking sick of the press complaining about how focused on AAA titles the games industry is becoming when they are a major part of the problem. If you wish that innovative games without the hugest marketing budgets could succeed THEN TAKE THE TIME TO COVER THE DAMN THINGS!

    I think a huge issue is a problem of communicating where to look for coverage of smaller titles. I don't know if it will take making regular features to highlight some of the more under-the-radar titles, more communication and work from the PR people from smaller publishers and development houses, or (my favorite option) developers taking more of the reigns is communication with their audience and the press, but SOMETHING has to change.

    Shack is posting some great content on some of the smaller titles right now, but they disappear once they are off the main page because navigating preview coverage is so broken here. This is an issue on tons of the sites I love too. 1up's "Games" page, just like the Shack "Games" page, is narrowed in scope to the point of being useless.

    Unless something changes then smaller titles will all become lowest-budgeted Arcade-type titles, and the B-level, often more innovative and less perfect titles will become a thing of the past. I know more people are flocking to the AAA games as the economy tightens our wallets, but I have had many of my most memorable gaming experiences in imperfect, B-level titles like Metro and Enslaved. I would hate to see that type of experience go away, because an XBLA-level budget would never be capable of creating that type of content.

    I know there is a lot more going on than I can talk about here, like the price of games and more, but I think if we look at the messaging first, we can find one of the quickest ways to help these types of titles survive.

  • I am glad to see that someone else also noted that when you are not playing the WiiU with friends in the same room, it is basically an extension of the DS that got the screen separated and enlarged. The top screen is the TV and the bottom screen is the controller. I expect a lot of the initial WiiU games will mimic DS games.

    Some folks here are complaining that John is biased toward the tablet/smartphone medium. Remember that we are looking at it from different perspective. As gamers most folks here see the new portable and consoles as how they fulfill our need which is to play core games. John has always been someone who analyzes new developments as how they fit into the whole business of gaming. There was a big elephant in the room that wasn't really discussed in this podcast which was how the new portable will do in light of the interest in smartphones and tablets. Can the new portable and even WiiU able to grab the interest of the more casual crowd like the DS or the Wii did during this generation? If he is being critical, it is because the new machines we see are probably not going to accomplish this. Does that make the new machine a failure? Maybe for Sony's and Nintendo's accountants. But not necessarily for us gamers.

    Despite how John belittle Vita's backside touchscreen, I wish Nintendo would copy that feature for the WiiU. The one problem with the touchscreen is that it has no tactile feedback. You have to look down to interact with the touchscreen or look up to look at the screen. At least with the backside touchscreen, the player can keep the thumbs on the button/joystiq while accessing some touchscreen function as long as there is visual feedback of finger position on the TV screen.

    Conversely, if Sony want's to future proof the Vita to mimic the WiiU functionality with PS3/Vita, they should think about adding a bluetooth chip in the Vita now so the Via can act as a controller. I know the same can be done through WiFi but that is less dependable since it needs to flow through IP protocal and might be more prone to add input lag.

  • Jeff really got my interest piqued for Saint's Row 3.

    As a huge fan of the GTA series of last generation, I have been progressively more and more disappointed in Rockstar's more recent games. While they have clearly driven storytelling in videogames to a new level, the gameplay experiences have been getting more and more dull.

    Just this week, I started playing the Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption. Awesome presentation and story (a la Red Dead) but the gameplay is just painfully clumsy. It really pushes all of Red Dead's problems into the foreground.

    I wonder if Saint's Row 3 is closer to what I personally wanted from GTA4? Has Rockstar switched gears so drastically that their new games have a completely different appeal than their older games?