Rocksmith bundles announced

Ubisoft announced a partnership with Gibson Guitar today, to bundle Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitars with Rocksmith. The full bundle includes the game, guitar, and "Real Tone Cable" for $199.99. If you already own a guitar, the standard edition will run you $79.99 for the game and the cable. Rocksmith makes an effort to blur the line between music games and actual instrument-playing, a feat attempted last year by Rock Band 3 with the Pro instruments.

"Partnering with Gibson Guitar on the Rocksmith bundle is a great fit for both companies," said Ubisoft senior marketing VP Tony Key, in the announcement. "Gibson is known for making world-class guitars and we're proud that they stand behind the quality and experience that is Rocksmith."

Plus, as previously reported, pre-ordering the game nets you a $25 Guitar Center voucher for use of purchasing a guitar. So if you find you're amazing at playing, you can always get a small discount when you go for a new axe. Or whatever the kids call guitars these days.

Rocksmith is due out this fall. Check out the E3 trailer below.

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