Blades of Time announced, stars X-Blade's Ayumi

Did you know that a game was released in 2009 called X-Blades? Konami is certainly acting like they don't. Despite starring X-Blades protagonist Ayumi, being from the same developer, and having "Blades" right in the title, the announcement of Blades of Time doesn't mention the first game at all. Regardless, it's obviously a sequel, but let's just humor Konami on this one.

Blades of Time is being developed by Gaijin Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, set for early 2012. You'll play as Ayumi, trusty gunsword in tow, as she fights off Chaos magic. The press release promises a time rewinding mechanic for puzzles and combat, probably related to those Blades of Time that the title mentioned. She'll also get a dash ability, co-op, and PvP multiplayer.

Check out the teaser-trailer below for a healthy dose of melodrama, wrapped in a new art style, wrapped in a giant robot.

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