Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer introduces story

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel to FFXIII, looks to wrap up some dangling loose ends with a darker tone, more characters, and a more open environment than the corridor-heavy predecessor. A Square Enix blog post spills some details on the upcoming RPG.

The game tells a self-contained story a few years after FF13, focusing on Serah and new character Noel after Lightning has gone missing and is presumed dead.

For those who complained about the linear feel of the first game, this will let you explore more and take branching paths. Sometimes these branching paths will pay off, like shutting down a device to make a boss golem easier to fight. It's a bit more action-inspired as well, featuring QTE-style button prompts and even including a jump button for navigating while exploring the dungeons. And while the last game didn't feature many towns to explore, this one promises plenty of folks to talk to, all fully voiced.

In combat, You can recruit monsters to help you in the combat scenarios. The Paradigm system makes a return, and the monster abilities tie in with using the tweaks made to the combat system.

If all of that sounds utterly incomprehensible to you, check out the trailer below. It won't clear up your confusion, but it's awfully pretty.

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