Nintendo download: Picdun, Dreamwalker, Crazy Cheebo


While we can feel the E3 press conferences coming in the air tonight -- oh lawd -- the regular news train stops for no one. That includes this week's Nintendo downloads, which are unlikely to distract you from the week's festivities. The lone WiiWare download is Ubongo for $8 (800 points), a puzzle game you may recall was offered as DSiWare several weeks ago.

DSiWare brings us three titles of its own. Go Series Picdun is an action RPG for $5 (500 points). Dreamwalker is a puzzle game that has you guide a sleeping man through the land of dreams while avoiding things like alarm clocks and early birds; it also costs $5. Finally, Crazy Cheebo Puzzle Party is a color-matching puzzle game that costs $2 (200 points).

This is not to be confused with 3DS eShop update, which is planned for later today and will include a free ExciteBike 3D, 3D Pokedex, and Web browser, plus some Virtual Console offerings.