Operation Flashpoint: Red River DLC enters Valley of Death

Before North Americans go getting annoyed at today's announcement of an Operation Flashpoint: Red River downloadable content pack before the battlefield shooter has even launched, do bear in mind that it was released in Europe six weeks ago. You're welcome to be annoyed by that, though.


The 'Valley of Death' DLC will add Fireteam Engagements for your single-player and co-op amusement, with two new missions for each of the Combat Sweep, CSAR, Last Stand, and Rolling Thunder modes.

Developer and publisher Codemasters says "Players will fight through the warehouses and factories of a former Soviet Manufacturing town and carry out operations in a riverside mudbrick village set beneath foreboding hilltop ruins." It sounds like there'll be two new maps with four new missions apiece, then.

The Valley of Death Pack will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "at the end of June" priced at $7 (560 Microsoft Points). Alternatively, you can get it free by pre-ordering Red River from GameStop, though you'd have to be quick as the game finally launches in North America tomorrow.