Top Gun & Days of Thunder to get Blu-ray game/movie combo

Given Blu-ray's massive capacity, and PS3's ability to play both disc-based games and movies, it's odd that not many more movies have offered the option to play a game and watch a movie on a single disc. Most recently, Blu-ray discs for Battle LA included a sneak preview of Resistance 3. Midway's Stranglehold added the movie Hard Boiled to special editions of the game.

505 Games is adding two more to the shortlist of hybrid game and movie discs. According to Joystiq, both Top Gun and Days of Thunder will get new releases on June 7th that include the movie and PlayStation Network game. Amazon lists both games for $29.99, which is actually more expensive than buying the movie and game separately. (The Blu-ray goes for about $16.99, while the games currently cost $9.99 each.) Still, the novelty warrants some sort of premium, right?