Fable: The Journey and Kinect sequels get domain registrations

Part of Microsoft's E3 lineup may have been spoiled by a recent batch of URL registrations discovered by Superannuation (via Joystiq). The games sleuth discovered .ORG registrations for games titled Kinect Sports: Season 2, Kinect Fun Labs, and Dance Central 2. (.COM registrations for all these domain names have also been taken at the same time.) Most interestingly, a URL was also claimed for Fable: The Journey. Given the Kinect focus of the other titles, we wouldn't be surprised if this non-numbered addition to the Fable franchise ended up also being a motion controlled title.

The success of Kinect with mainstream audiences means that an E3 presentation centered around Microsoft's 3D camera was inevitable. Sequels to Kinect Sports and Dance Central are no-brainers, with details on the latter purportedly released. A leaked survey promised some possible features in the sequel, including "more practice options, the inclusion of easier songs, a Loose Filters mode to be more lenient on accuracy, and better feedback on what players are doing wrong." We'll find out more at Microsoft's E3 conference tomorrow.