Papo & Yo coming to PS3

Yet another charming indie game is heading to the PlayStation Network. Papo & Yo is the first title from Minority, a newly formed studio based in Montreal. The downloadable title will be a PS3 exclusive, funded in part with Sony's Pub Fund. SOE's Justin Cooney explained the decision to fund the game: “The Minority team and its debut title is a representation of the kind of industry innovators we’re looking for, and we’re all very excited to see the final product in action!”

Creative Director Vander Caballero explained that the game is inspired by his desire "to tell the story of my childhood ... about myself and my father, a good man but also an evil one." The troubled relationship between Caballero and his father is embodied by the game's hero, Quico, and his Monster protector. "But Monster is addicted to frogs, and when he eats them he is transformed into an evil killing machine." The story is a rather straightforward metaphor for Caballero's alcoholic and drug abusing father. "The emotional core of this game is ultimately a fable about my relationship with my father," Caballero told the PlayStation.Blog.

Although the title isn't set for release until 2012, developer Minority will be demoing the game at E3 next week. Expect a preview soon.

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