Battlefield 3 multiplayer and other features to debut at E3


EA is putting a big spotlight on Battlefield 3 during E3 2011, next week, with specific attention being placed on the game's multiplayer modes.

According to a post on the official Battlefield Blog, EA will have the multiplayer map "Operation Metro" available for press to play on the show floor at the LA Convention Center. The demo will feature a look at a number of features included in the game's mode, including going prone; mountable weaponry, situations allowing players to "lay down suppressive fire"; and the ability to temporarily disable vehicles--rather than simply destroying them.

DICE has also revealed that Team Deathmatch has been added to the game--which sounds like a strange addition based on the standard multiplayer component found throughout the Battlefield series.

As for the game's single-player mode, DICE announced Battlefield 3 will feature a co-op campaign mode; however, the total player count for the mode was not clarified. More information, including details of an upcoming online portal for friends list and progress management--dubbed the Battlelog--can be found on the game's official site.

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