Jaws: Ultimate Predator announced for Wii, 3DS

Majesco Entertainment announced Jaws: Ultimate Predator for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS today, based on the classic tension-filmed shark movie. But rather than grabbing a harpoon gun and a scuba tank, you'll be playing as the shark itself when it releases this fall.

You have to protect your home from humans and keep your strength up by hunting prey. You'll also get in scuffles with other sea creatures like the tiger shark, killer whale, and sea serpent. The announcement promises real-world locations like Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef, along with Amity Island from the films. Unfortunately, the press release didn't confirm that you can take the legs off of hapless surfers.

The 3DS game is being developed by n-Space, known recently for DS versions of games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Toy Story 3. The Wii version is being developed by TecTonic Studios. Both are being published by Majesco.

"The Jaws movie defined a generation and forever changed our perception of sharks," said Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton in the announcement. "Sinking your teeth in as the ultimate predator is a strong and compelling concept underlined by the performance of our best-selling Jaws console game years ago. Never before released for Nintendo platforms, Jaws: Ultimate Predator lets a new generation experience that same visceral underwater thrill."