Uncharted 3 CE, preorder bonuses detailed

With Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception sure to be a big, colorful feather in Sony's hat at E3 next week, now seemed like an apt time to let out some details on the game's Collector's Edition and pre-order bonuses. IGN reports on both; and yes, the preorder bonuses are (say it with me now) retailer specific.


But first, the Collector's Edition goodies. For $99.99, you get a Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake statue, a Drake belt buckle, Drake's ring/necklace, a steel game case, and a treasure chest to store all the loot inside.

Meanwhile, you can snag various other bonuses from retailers, most of which seem to revolve around the game's multiplayer. Amazon gives you a Carpet Bomb Kickback (the ability to send out three grenades at a time) and a a clip size mod to carry more bullets in the Para 9 or G-MAL. Best Buy gives you a Regeneration Booster to heal more quickly. GameStop offers a Creepy Crawler Kickback to temporarily turn into a swarm of bugs. Wal-Mart gives you a Callout Mod for the AK-47, allowing your team to see the location of an enemy target. And all other retailers get an avatar and static theme. Ho hum.

In the past, Sony has offered "Super Vouchers" in some of their first-party Collector's Editions, which offered all of the preorder bonuses in one convenient package. There's no mention of a voucher with this one, though, so you may have to pick your battles -- or just buy five separate copies of the game when it releases in November.