SSF4 Arcade DRM 'we had it wrong,' says Capcom

When Capcom announced the DRM plans for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, fans were more than a bit miffed. Now Capcom is responding with an unusual admission: "we had it wrong."


In a Capcom Unity blog post, senior VP Christian Svensson explains the change of heart. "The argument that legitimate users would have a worse experience than pirates was the loudest and most convincing. We certainly don't want that to be the case and that was never our intention," he said.

So to put concerns to rest, Capcom is planning a small title update that will remove the offline character limitations completely. "That is to say, once you've updated, you will be able to use all 39 characters when not connected to the Internet to practice your combo timings, have some fun with a friend on a laptop, or whatever while offline." Svensson says the update will come out either at launch or shortly after launch, depending on "how submission timing and approval goes."

Of course, online features will require you to be connected, for obvious reasons. Svensson closes the blog post with friendly gratitude: "Thanks again for your passion, input and support." This was probably the nicest way to ask rabid fans to stop sending him decapitated Ryu figurines.

Who ever said complaining on Internet forums never accomplished anything?