Call of Duty Elite video series in development

Activision wants to convert the millions of Call of Duty players out there into regular customers of its newly unveiled Elite subscription service. The currently detailed offering includes a social network service, clans, competitions, detailed statistics, and access to downloadable map packs. A report by the Guardian reveals that Activision has one more ace up its sleeve for the service: a Hollywood-produced web TV series "inspired by Call of Duty."

Further details haven't been offered, with Activision exec Eric Hirshberg admitting that the company is waiting to "have something to show." More information will be revealed "later in the year," probably around the launch of Modern Warfare 3.

Earlier in the year, a team of well-budgeted fans created a trailer for a Modern Warfare-inspired live action film called Find Makarov (pictured above). While the project has no official affiliation with the franchise, it should give us a good idea of what to expect from Activision's own offering.