Wappy Dog announced for Nintendo DS

E3 hasn't even started yet, but Activision has already won thanks to Wappy Dog, a virtual pet coming to the Nintendo DS this holiday season. Developed in conjunction with Sega Toys, Wappy Dog lets you control the robot pup through your DS system. Wappy will respond virtually on the DS, and in real life by barking and moving. The whirring of motors means he wuvs you!

"Home Mode" lets you play with the robot through your DS system, and "Travel Mode" is for when you want to take Wappy on the road without hauling around a toy robot. When you return home, you can sync the data. The dog includes 18 prompts, 350 responses, five age states, five moods, and several mini-games.

This is part of Activision renewed focus on reaching younger audiences with toy crossovers, as seen in the company's Spyro reboot. That title will include interactive toys that can interface with in-game content.

"We were excited about Wappy Dog from the moment we saw it," said Activision Publishing's David Oxford. "This one-of-a-kind toy and video game combines a strong emotional bond and exciting virtual experience with the interaction of a physical pet. Wappy Dog is a truly innovative next generation toy and video game that gives kids an instant companion."

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