Mass Effect 3 Kinect support listed on EA Store

Will Mass Effect 3 use Kinect's futuristic motion-sensing technology? Box art placed on the EA Store shows a "Better with Kinect" banner above Shepard's intimidating visage. The image has been subsequently removed from the Store, but not before NeoGAF could save it. While this would be a relatively easy Photoshop prank for an internet prankster to pull off, Destructoid notes that the image still lives on EA's servers.

EA has yet to confirm or deny Kinect support for Mass Effect 3. However, this isn't the first time the EA Store has accidentally leaked information about the finale of BioWare's space opera. The first details of the game were described by the Store well before its official VGA debut.

Given Mass Effect 3's button-heavy gameplay, it's likely that any Kinect support the game features (if any) will be minimal. Perhaps you'll be able to navigate the map using hand gestures? Or maybe the Xbox version will include a special Kinect-exclusive mini-game: Elcor Dance Dance Revolution.