Nimbus+ coming to PS3, original PC game to receive enhancements

Nimbus is a little-known indie racing-puzzle game that's managed to make a name for itself on Steam. So what's next for developer Noumenon? An enhanced port of the game for PS3.

Nimbus will arrive on PlayStation Network with new content and "improvements" that weren't finished in time for the PC version. "Exactly what these improvements will be isn't entirely set in stone yet," the developer admits. But, the PS3 version is receiving "as much additional development time as the PC version," so it's likely the changes will be quite significant. No wonder the port is also receiving a new title: Nimbus+.

But what about the game's original fans, the ones that made it a success on the PC? "The plan is to bring some of the improvements we currently have planned for Nimbus+ over to PC where possible," the developer notes. "But there's nothing decided on that end yet."

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