Dirt 3 charity DLC pack available

Dirt 3 has gotten its first bit of downloadable content, and in honor of the series' former namesake, proceeds will be going to charity. The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack is available on Games for Windows and Xbox Live Marketplace for $2 (160 MSP). The announcement didn't mention a planned PlayStation Network release.


The pack includes a Ford Escort Mk II, a 1970s model made famous by Colin McRae himself, and five liveries. All proceeds from the pack will go towards the Colin McRae Vision Charity, a foundation established in 2008 to provide education and recreational facilities for children, particularly those interested in motorsports. McRae died in a helicopter accident in 2007.

Codemasters also announced it will be releasing weekly DLC packs with new cars and tracks. Those upcoming packs weren't mentioned as charity packs, so they'll probably be more standard revenue models for the developer.