Heroes of Ruin announced for 3DS

Square Enix announced Heroes of Ruin today, a Nintendo 3DS RPG with a heavy focus on social connectivity features. The game is due in early 2012. You can play through the story campaign alone, or join up with up to three other players through drop-in, drop-out co-op. The announcement promises "dynamic environments" with new paths opening up constantly, which makes it sound similar to a Rogue-like. You'll be digging through these dungeons for loot, which is where the social features come into play.

Heroes of Ruin

The StreetPass function collects items from players you pass and uses them to populate the inventory of the "Traders' Network," where you can buy and sell loot. The SpotPass will give out rare items and challenges through Wi-Fi hotspots. Finally, Square will be setting up a community site to offer special quests and team up with other players. "Using the Nintendo 3DS' StreetPass and SpotPass functionality, Heroes of Ruin will offer extensive multiplayer elements," said VP of marketing Mona Hamilton, in the announcement. "We hope to create a community of Heroes of Ruin fans who play well beyond the single player campaign and experience the story in completely new ways."