Weekend Confirmed Episode 62

By Garnett Lee, May 27, 2011 11:00am PDT

While the Jeff is away, Andrew Pfister, Christian Spicer, Xav, and Garnett play, and take a few more swipes at Cougar Town. But this is no wine-sipping sitcom; we crack open a couple beers and dig in to games, like LA Noire, Modern Warfare 3, BioShock Infinite, From Dust, Bastion, and more. In the warning we return with more of our and some of your moments that stand out as game-changers for videogaming. And we bring it all home with this week's news and Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 62: 05/27/2011

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  • Front Page news: Start: 01:34:23 End: 02:09:24

Longevity is an L.A. based producer/MC. He is a staple on the Los Angeles underground music scene and his talents have attracted many artists to work with him: Jurassic Five, Kanye West, KRS One, Cypress Hill, Fishbone, Psycho Realm, Talib Kweli, Aceyalone, Black Eyed Peas, Pete Rock and the list goes on. His talent for merging hip-hop with hardcore rock is undeniable. Well known for his producing skills, Longevity and the microphone have a mind-blowing friendship as well. He is a lyrical mastermind who knows how to own a stage and get the audience moving.

Check out the Tantrum music video and pick up the single on the iTunes music store. For more hit Longevity's Facebook page.

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  • With Duke I'm excited because it looks like it could be a throwback. I'm of the belief that game design doesn't evolve along one narrow path with older mostly discarded ideas always being invalid.

    Part of SC2's appeal is that its largely an oldschool RTS. I'm not sure if Duke is the best game to go to for the fast paced oldschool FPS game itch...but not too many of those get made anymore (personally I'd prefer Quakeworld 2 or DOOM2 meets Quakeworld meets something crazy...but that's me). The idea of a fun DM where I can run around and learn new weapons that aren't all variations on the same theme (machinegun, pistol, rocketlauncher with limited ammo, sniper rifle, shotgun) and overwhelmingly hitscan peaks my interest.

    I also think its funny that CoD gets brought up as the graphical standard in a "DNF looks dated" discussion, when CoD itself is somewhat dated.

  • I think one of the biggest "holy shit" moments in gaming for me was the first time I played DOOM. It was the shareware version...before that I was a big SNES guy and not much of a PC gamer (though I dabbled)...and I couldn't get the thing to run...so I tried this "bare booting" thing and viola I got DOOM running.

    It was late at night and I had to get up the next morning for church, so I couldn't play for long...but I couldn't pull myself away. It didn't have sound (I eventually got PC speaker blips and beeps going) and it still blew me away. This was something I bought on a whim at walmart for next to nothing and it just shocked the hell out of me.

    The next morning I got up early to play it more...before my parents and I thought before my brother...but he got up early too...and he was enthralled as well. So we ended up both playing it until we had to get ready and we were just blown away by this whole world that you could run around in from a first person perspective and how smoothly it ran and how looking around and moving was so fluid.

    DOOM became like a religion for me...summer vacation came shortly after we got the shareware game...and I played it over and over again...coming back from break in my first year of high school I had to tell everyone about this amazing game and some people knew about it and some people needed to hear the good news of DOOM! I was insane...this game completely blew me away...I had to get the registered version to play more DOOM...and then DOOM2 came out not too long after. I can honestly say that I likely wouldn't have gone down the career path I did (programming) if DOOM didn't spark that interest in me for computers.

    This isn't even mentioning the first time I played deathmatch over the LAN in the school computer lab...playing with other people in that game...each person on their own screen...it was gaming nirvana...it was what gaming was supposed to be...it was the fucking future.

  • As the self-titled Chief Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cynicism Officer here, I feel the need to elaborate on the Modern Warfare 3 vitriol.

    It is not, as Xav states, just hearing the name "Modern Warfare 3" and shitting all over it sight unseen. There is a deep history, with its roots at the BASHandSlash BASH123 podcast on October 17, 2009, when Robert Bowling announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not have dedicated servers on PC, and instead would impose forced matchmaking via a new service called IWNet. It continued on November 3, 2009, with a Best Buy chat session where Jason West, Vince Zampella, and Mackey McCandlish repeatedly downplayed and dismissed the advanced features that were in CoD4, but would not be in Modern Warfare 2. Most notable quote from that session: "We would like you to play the game the way we designed and balanced it." Subtext from that comment: "Hey PC game tweakers: SCREW YOU!"

    Garnett Lee himself mentioned the phrase (I believe in Weekend Confirmed 12, the pre-E3 episode), "the rush to beat Call of Duty", which could have as easily been "the rush to BE Call of Duty". If you look at games like Crysis 2, Homefront, and Medal of Honor, they were trying to directly copy the gameplay mechanics from CoD4. Sadly, Medal of Honor was most likely successful enough for EA to fund Danger Close to make a sequel, which I fear will copy even more things from Modern Warfare 2, and be even more PC platform hostile. In terms of the storyline, I would like to play a PC first-person shooter with modern-day weapons, but I want the "bro" factor to be thrown out the window. I'd like to see a friendly NPC squad with classy, understated dialogue, toned-down effects that don't sway into the absurdity of Baysplosion-ism. But no, since Modern Warfare 2 sold eleventy billion units, we're getting Jesse Stern insane-cold-war-fanfic writing, Hans Zimmer "The Rock meets Crimson Tide meets Bad Boys meets Muscle Milk" soundtrack, and "clicking L3 and R3 at the same time is so VISCERAAALLLL!!!" quick-time events.

    Fuck. That. I'd rather be playing Brink. Remember Brink? The game that the Weekend Confirmed guys and Jeff Gerstmann shat all over because "the bots in the XBox 360 version sucked and the grenades are all weak"? Yeah, that game, but on PC, connecting to dedicated servers administered by kind charitable souls in the Shacknews community. And adjusting the FOV to something not tunnel vision (though I'll have to check if they've fixed the FOV reset yet; unlike Infinity Ward, Splash Damage is patching their game at a fast rate).

    Two more things for Garnett:
    - Not "ten hours", if MW3 is anything like MW2, it will be 6 hours, maybe 5.5. After all of the hype from the gaming press's antics fueled by Bowling's propaganda machine, general opinions of MW2's single-player storyline was that it was short, not as good as CoD4, and had too much "Oscar Mike!"
    - You forgot Jeff Cannata's remark on Call of Duty: Black Ops being exasperating because "it's always cranked up to 11". Instead, you went for "in MW3, you're always on the edge of your seat!" I agree with Jeff on Black Ops; there were times when they had the pace of the game way too fast, especially the Khe Sanh level with the janky scripting. I still don't know what the hell half of the dialogue in the first third of that level was; even with captioning turned on, I can never read through it, and I'm not motivated to try reading through it, because that was one of the worst levels in that game in terms of repeatable playability.

  • For anyone out there who, like me, are looking for something to do with their 3DSs, I'd just like to say that Dream Trigger 3D turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

    It's not by any means the best game ever made, in fact, you'll probably hate it for about the first hour or so, but if you stick with it, the unusual gameplay will eventually "click" and then the game becomes a trippy, fun, audio visual experience that combines a puzzle game with a rail shooter and bullet hell, and then just for good measure, blends the music into the gameplay, Lumines style. It's also the first game I've played that truly justifies the whole 3D thing, even if I personally don't use it for very long at a time on account of the headaches.

    I wouldn't advocate buying a 3DS for this game, per se, but if you've got one, this might be something to check out, especially if you can get it for cheap.

    Just wanted to spread the word.