Futuremark teases space dogfights, UFOs and cats

E3 is almost upon us, doubtless with heaps of new game announcements in tow. For now, though, 'tis the season for cruelly teasing and hinting at new projects. Futuremark Games Studio, developer of zero-g FPS Shattered Horizon, is joining in the fun with a teaser showing off three new projects, including a spaceship shooter, a game apparently inspired by UFO B movies, and something with a microscopic cartoon cat.

The spaceship combat game looks especially exciting. Small attack ships are seen engaging each other in dogfights, and making attack runs to destroy parts of larger vessels. It appears to be multiplayer, not to mention quite gorgeous.

BOOM video 9169

"In true teaser spirit, we are not revealing any further details today: no titles, genres, or release dates," the developer said. "If you like to categorise your news and trailers, however, you can tag this under PC, XBLA and iOS. We will leave it to your readers to guess which platforms apply to each game (there are only 343 possible combinations)."

For my money, the UFO shlock is probably headed to Xbox Live Arcade and possibly PC too, the spaceship-o-rama is for PC and maybe XBLA, while the cat game's on iOS.

"We will share more details with you soon," Futuremark says. Hey, E3's soon!