Resistance 'Dual Pack' coming in summer

Resistance 3 is on the way this year, but if you haven't played the other two major games in the series, you'll have the chance. IGN reports that an insert included with the Blu-ray for Battle: Los Angeles advertises the "Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack."


The pack includes both the original Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, plus $10 of bonus content and an exclusive skin for Resistance 3. It will cost $39.99 when it releases sometime this summer in North America. There's no word yet on European or Australian releases.

Both games are part of the PS3 Greatest Hits line, making them $29.99 individually. Packing the two together for $39.99 is pretty decent savings if you need to catch up.

Resistance 3 was revealed in one of the movie sets for Battle: Los Angeles back in 2009. The Blu-ray also includes a demo for R3, so it's only fitting that the movie gave us another piece of news regarding the series.