PS Store 'not publishing today,' says Sony

Sony is taking down the PlayStation Network for scheduled maintenance today, but that doesn't mean a Store update is imminent. A PlayStation Blog update says the maintenance will last from 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific time, but most users should still be able to play online.

"For those asking about the PlayStation Store, we're still targeting restoration of all services by the end of the month," reads the post by social media manager Jeff Rubenstein. "Contrary to reports, the Store will not be publishing today."

This contradicts a reportedly leaked memo that claimed Store updates would resume today, and then continue Tuesdays and Fridays to catch up on the missed content. Sony's Patrick Seybold was quick to note at the time that "we've not announced a specific date."

At least one developer seems to have been counting on the dates mentioned in the memo, as Visceral announced free maps for Dead Space 2 yesterday. The maps are due to hit PSN on June 3, one of the Fridays mentioned in the memo as an extra day of content updates. Even without an update today, though, Tuesday and Friday updates could keep that DLC in place.

Take heart, eager Store buyers. We only have one week left in May, so Sony should be getting the Store up within a week at the absolute latest. Of course, their estimates have been wrong before. More than once.