Lightbox boss details more on 'Starhawk'

If we can gather one piece of information from the recent post on the PlayStation blog, it's that developer Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe is excited for the project (see the embedded video to see what we mean). In an update on the blog, Jobe answered a handful of questions from fans regarding the spiritual, space-based sequel: Starhawk.

Jobe confirms the game will feature both Matchmaking and Server Lists, writing that the former will allow the developer to control elements like cheating and stat-passing while the latter gives fans a chance to run wild via "non-official" (and presumably non-tracked) games.

Like Warhawk, the game's multiplayer is based on weapon pick-ups. There are no classes in Starhawk. "I was actually surprised that people were worried about this. It was interesting to see the Tweets from people who were scared that we might be going to a class-based load out approach," Jobe said. "No! We still have pickups. And getting a weapon is not limited by rank." According to Jobe, class-based gameplay doesn't "work" with Starhawk.

The developer's boss also confirmed the game will have space environments. "The outer space environment set that the art team here at LightBox Interactive has put together is really awesome. Super fun to play on and looks great." Jobe reiterated, promising Starhawk is "not just about terrain battles."

More details, including the game's two flight modes (one that is "very simple and great for new to mid-level players" and one working as a "Pro" mode) as well as changes to the game's camera, are available in the post.

Starhawk was announced for the PS3 earlier this month. The game is expected to arrive, exclusively for Sony's home console, in 2012.