PSP games getting PS3 HD 'Remasters'

Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new initiative over the weekend to bring select PlayStation Portable titles to the PlayStation 3 in Japan, with an HD makeover and new features on Blu-ray discs. It's called the "PSP Remaster" series, and will feature high-def visuals, PS3 controller support, plus potential new add-on content or 3D support. If you already have a PSP game save, the Remaster will be able to read the save so you can continue on it, and you can switch back to playing on your PSP via the ad hoc function. How meta.

The first game to get the Remaster treatment will be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, a sales hit in Japan with 4.5 million units sold since its release in December 2010. Sony teased upgraded graphics for the remake, but was cagey on any other new features being added.

Remasters are starting in the Japanese market, but coming to other regions as well eventually. We may see the HD treatment applied to games more popular in the west, like God of War: Chains of Olympus or Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.