Weekend digital PC deals: Just Cause 2, Rift

The world ends tomorrow, so why not spend your last day on Earth buying as many cheap digitally-distributed PC games as possible then virtually roll around in them until it's all over? You can't answer that. Games going cheap this weekend include MMORPG Rift, the mayhem-fuelled Just Cause 2, ninja robot game Plain Sight, the stealthy Splinter Cell series, a handful of 2K games, and oh so very many more. Here's our selection of this week's deals.


Plain Sight

Get Games

Just Cause 2


Splinter Cell

Green Man Gaming

There's 50% off heaps of RailWorks 2 DLC, which can all be activated on Steam. Plus:


Games for Windows

BioShock 2


Gratuitous Space Battles


Men of War


UFO: Afterlight

Good Old Games

MegaRace 2