Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One coming October 18

Sony announced today that Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One will come to North America on October 18. The co-op focused Ratchet game stars the titular Ratchet and Clank as playable characters, along with Captain Quark and Dr. Nefarious to round out the four-some. It's being developed by Insomniac Games.


The publisher also announced (always popular) retail-exclusive pre-order bonuses for the game. GameStop gets Mr. Zurkon, the hovering, insulting little murderous robot. Amazon customers get a T-Rex Morph Mod, which attaches to the Morph-O-Ray to turn enemies into baby dinosaurs. Best Buyers get a Pyro Blaster Unlock, which sounds like early access to a flamethrower. Finally, Wal-Mart shoppers get a Sheepinator Mod, which works just like the T-Rex mod above -- except, you know, sheep.

If Sony-published titles like Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 are any indication, we'll see a collector's edition of the game that includes all of the retailer-specific content bundled together. Then again, those announcements tend to come alongside the bonus content announcements, so maybe Sony is opting not to offer a CE this time.