Air combat racer SkyDrift announced

The three delights of flight, racing and shooting people will come together this summer in SkyDrift, developer and publisher Digital Reality has announced.

Headed for a downloadable release on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer, SkyDrift will see players racing through the skies in 33 events. As per the slogan "If you can't overtake, shoot them down," you'll be able to blow other racers out of the sky, aided by six offensive and defensive power-ups.

It'll offer eight-person online multiplayer plus, of course, single-player. The announcement promises "the most spectacular and exotic locations all over the planet," from desert canyons to tundra and erupting volcanic tropical islands to, er, docks.

Digital Reality is also working on a downloadable sidescrolling shooter with Grasshopper Manufacture, named Sine Mora.

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