Arma 3 announced for 2012

War is serious business, and it's nice to have Bohemia Interactive remind us of that. The Czech developer today announced a new entry in its realism-heavy battlefield simulation series Arma, for release on PC in summer 2012.


Arma 3 will take players to a sunny Mediterranean island, where apparently there's a "well-guarded military secret" to be seized. As well as an "open-ended and story-driven" single-player campaign, Arma 3 will offer co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. There'll also be the ubiquitous mission editor.

"Radical engine improvements" are promised for Arma 3, including PhysX-supported vehicle simulation and a "revamped" animation system. It certainly looks pretty. There's more information over on the official site.

Bohemia is also working on a civilian helicopter sim by the name of Take on Helicopters, which it announced in March. That's due to hit PC in the fourth quarter of this year.