Nintendo, Best Buy partner for SpotPass content

Nintendo announced a partnership with the retail chain Best Buy today, to offer 3DS wireless access and SpotPass content. Roughly 1,000 Best Buy stores across the US will be outfitted with the WiFi functionality starting June 7. Not coincidentally, we're sure, this is just after the eShop launch and falls on the first day of E3. The press release teases "exclusive offers" via SpotPass, plus game content and movie trailers.

Nintendo can already push special content to 3DS owners who connect their devices to their own WiFi network, but the partnership with Best Buy could benefit both companies by offering incentives to come into the store. So far, we're not sure what content may be offered, or even which Best Buy locations will offer the access points.

"We want our customers to fully tap into the potential of their Nintendo 3DS device, so we're pleased to offer free access to special WiFi and SpotPass content in-store" said Best Buy senior VP of entertainment Chris Homeister in the announcement. "As a retail partner for SpotPass, this is another way that we're delivering best-in-class gaming experiences at our stores across the country."

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime added, "Best Buy offers a firsthand look at the platform with experts to help people understand everything it offers."