Brink gets PS3 patch with PSN restoration

Last week, Brink developer Splash Damage issued a patch for the Xbox 360 version, which changed some configuration settings. Namely, it set Campaign and Freeplay modes to 8 players, but still allows 8v8 maps with the "Big Teams" option. Now the company has updated its patch post, saying that the same fixes have come to PS3 thanks to the PSN restoration.

If you want to know if your system has gotten the update, look for a "Big Teams" option in the public match settings. If it's there, you're covered.

Paired with the patch, the company announced that the first downloadable content will be free on all platforms when it comes out in June. Splash Damage had also previously promised an investigation into the lag issues on 360, and said it will "closely monitor" the PS3 version once PSN was restored.

The day-one patch and configuration patch should both be live now for PS3 players, so try it out and let Bethesda know if you run into any problems. Bug squashing is a community effort.