Weekend digital PC deals: Bulletstorm, You Don't Know Jack

Can you picture Steam's owner, Ian Steam, turfed out into the streets, destitute, trying to ply his trade on street corners? It could happen to anyone. Along with Ian Direct2Drive, Ian GOG and all the other digital distribution magnates, he could be out there in filthy sodden rags, desperately trying to earn a living the only way he knows. Unable to afford Internet access with the pennies they dig out of the gutter, they'll scrawl thousands of pages of binary on old newspapers, then come knocking on your door to sell them. Do you want that to happen? All they want is a cup of coffee and a warm bed for the night. You have the power to change this. Unsheath your Visa Black Card and buy some cheap PC games this weekend. Here's our selection of this weeks deals:


You Don't Know Jack



Electronic Arts

Buy two of more games from this selection of 92, and you'll get 50% off your whole order. You've got your Dead Spaces in there, your Mass Effects, your Battlefields, your Dragon Ages, your Sims, your Crysesesesi, and loads of others.

Dead Space 2


50% off all Gothic games (minus the first one), plus these deals:

Civ IV's expansion Warlords

Green Man Gaming

Total War: Shogun 2



Good Old Games


Get Games



Trapped Dead