Section 8: Prejudice 'Assault' mode unlocked

Section 8: Prejudice has just gotten a new game mode fueled by players' bloodlust. "Assault Mode" is a team-versus-team control point mode with a time limit. Developer TimeGate says it encourages cooperation between the classes to finish your objectives fast. The mode is now included and unlocked, so no DLC is required.


The Assault mode was set to unlock when the PC and Xbox 360 audiences scored a combined 10 million kills. The impressive feat happened in just over two weeks, so now current and new players alike can enjoy the fruits of their murderous labor.

TimeGate has also announced that it will be holding a Game With Devs session on the Xbox 360 this Sunday, May 15. It will last from 5 to 8 pm EST, and they promise more details coming soon.

A PlayStation 3 edition of the game is also planned for sometime this summer. It's unknown if the Assault Mode will already be unlocked, or if PS3 players will have to meet some new benchmark.